1. an agreement, usu. formal, between two or more persons to do something specified
2. the conditional promises made to humanity by God, as revealed in the Scripture
3. a formal agreement of legal validity, esp. one under seal


Our Mission

At Covenant Capital, our mission is to embrace the three covenants we set for ourselves and use them as the guiding principles to create a tripartite collaboration that is meaningful, purposeful and rewarding.


Our 3 Covenants

1. To clients as their priorities are of the utmost importance to us.

2. To stake holders – employees, business partners and service vendors – as they form the bedrock of our collaborative enterprise.

3. To shareholders as they champion and support our vision.


Our Belief

We trust unequivocally that if we look after the first covenant well, the second covenant will be taken care of, and shareholders will eventually be rewarded.


Our Logo

In the Scripture, the number three is one of the “perfect numbers.” It signifies completeness and points to what is solid, real, and substantial. Our logo is a testament to that philosophy.


The 3 Colours

1. White in the background symbolises purity of heart, clarity of vision, and illuminates the path in our quest.

2. Grey, evident in ‘Capital’, de-emphasizes money and it is impartial and composed. Whilst the grey in the second arc creates an unspoken balance in the circle of unity.

3. Black on ‘Covenant’ and the arc signifies solidarity, determination and the relentless pursuit of our core values


The 3 Arcs

1. The inner most arc is shaped to form the letter ‘C’. It is our first covenant, our clients. It is also emblematic of our intent, that the client is the epicentre of everything we do.

2. The inner arc represents the second covenant, where stakeholders act as the bridge between clients and shareholders. The arc serves as a continuum and represents open dialogues and transparent transactions. It is in the colour grey; a symbolic amalgamation of interests and colours.

3. The outer ring is made of 2 arcs to form a full circle. It represents an unbreakable bond and trust of our shareholders.


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