What We Do
Wealth management

At Covenant Capital, we view your wealth through the three stages:


Accumulation, Preservation and Transference.


At each stage, we discuss with you your target and risk tolerance to design a bespoke and unbiased wealth management plan to achieve these objectives. We employ an open architecture where both 3rd party services offerings and in-house expertise are utilised.

We deliver our services to you through a combination of discretionary and advisory model as we recognised there are differences in each client’s level of sophistication of the financial markets.

In the early stage of your wealth journey, our focus is to deliver capital appreciation with a total return objective in mind. Subsequently, income needs and capital preservation become more important in the next stage. Throughout our journey with you, we are constantly involved in your legacy, insurance and tax management needs.

Comprehensive Service Offerings
for all your Wealth Matters




Complete Services Offerings


In a discretionary mandate, you entrust your wealth to be managed by our team so that you can concentrate on your own business, family and charity work. We currently offer solutions across the objectives spectrum from our lower return/risk income generation mandate to higher return/risk capital appreciation global asset allocation mandate to our absolute return higher risk product focusing on Asia Equities.


Covenant Capital Global Income Portfolio invests across asset classes and geographies with income distribution as the key objective while minimizing volatility and losses. We believe the income portfolio is well suited for clients who are looking for wealth preservation and cash distribution. We deploy a combination of best-of-breeds fund managers, stocks, bonds, ETFs and potentially futures and options to optimize risk/return profile.


Covenant Capital Global Anchor Portfolio invests across asset classes and geographies with active macro-economic analysis and global asset allocation as the key drivers of returns. The key objective is to achieve capital appreciation. We believe it forms the core of one’s investment portfolio as the benefits of a well-structured and diversified asset allocations ensure sustainability of returns over a longer term. We deploy a combination of best of breeds fund managers, stocks, bonds, ETFs and potentially futures and options to optimize risk/return profile.




In our Advisory services, there is a symbiotic relationship between you and us when you engage the financial markets. By working with us, you will have access to our investment professionals expertise plus external research from the entire street. We help you distil from the myriad of views and information and formulate an action plan for you to profit from the markets. Given our fee-based revenue model, you will never be alone when you are invested in the market. Whilst you may have made the decision with inputs from us, we will be alongside you all the way, updating you and advising when to take profit or even cut loss.


Covenant Capital is invested in various funds managed by the following registered advisors/fund managers:

• Deutsche Asset Management
• SuMi TRUST – Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Group
• Clinton Group 
• Ivory Investment Management
• DCG Capital Pte Ltd. 
• Standard Life Investments
• J O Hambro Capital Management Group
• NN Investment Partners


Financial Planning

As we are fully committed to providing the best-of-breed investment services and solutions, we are equally committed to work with you to find and select a network of qualified external service-provider partners to advise, select and implement solutions in the areas of risk management, tax planning and legacy planning.


In collaboration with you, we will work side by side with you and our panel of experts. Throughout the whole process, we can help you to crystallise your needs, decide on the best suited service-provider partner to work with, coordinate and monitor the implementation of the plans.


Insurance and risk management
• Independent and objective assessment of life insurance coverage
• Policy comparisons
• Comprehensive insurance review, selection and implementation


Tax planning
• Tax advice and minimization
• Cross border tax advice
• Investment holding vehicle advice and selection


Legacy planning
• Wills and Lasting Power of Attorney
• Legacy plan review
• Trusts and other structures
• Inter-generational transfers



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